Meet Our Team

Functional medicine, as practiced by Dr Franiek at Healix Health, is a fresh and collaborative approach to healthcare that uses a systems-oriented model to uncover and treat the underlying causes of disease. This personalized form of medicine takes into consideration the unique set of biological, environmental and psychological conditions that contribute to and maintain our health. In addition to this, Dr. Franiek is passionate about changing the course of the current aging process by identifying not only the causes that lead to disease, but even more importantly, those that diminish our vitality and the quality of our lives. Her goal is to use advanced assessments to move you towards a state of long-term optimal health - one in which your body, mind and spirit function as an effective integrated system. As we live longer, we should enjoy that life with vitality and a sense of well-being. The team at Healix Health look forward to helping you develop a deep knowledge and understanding of your health so that you feel and function at your very best.


Janet Franiek
(MD, CCFP, Functional Medicine Practitioner)
Dr. Franiek believes that our current health-care approach is overdue for a thorough transformation, believing in a "health optimization" model of medicine over a "disease treatment" one. » Read more