Janet Franiek
(MD, CCFP, Functional Medicine Practitioner)

Dr. Franiek believes that our current health-care approach is overdue for a thorough transformation, focusing on a proactive "health optimization" model of medicine over that of “disease management”. Practicing Family Medicine in Vancouver for over 15years, shaped her perspective on where health care should be heading.

In 2006, Dr. Franiek left her General Practice and joined the Westcoast Women's Clinic, one of Canada's first physician-based clinics to be fully dedicated to hormone health. There, Dr Franiek, began her journey toward changing the way she approached health and disease. She trained in Advanced Bio-identical Hormone treatments and helped develop the Clinic's first “Gut Health" program.

In 2015, with a desire to further advance and incorporate her Functional Medicine education in the treatment of more complex medical disorders, she joined Healix Health Medical, Vancouver’s foremost Functional Medicine Clinic. At Healix she has been able to fully utilize her skillset to support her patients to develop a deep understanding of the root causes of their medical conditions and work toward taking control of their healing process. Dr. Franiek believes that it is through education and empowerment of her patients that they achieve lasting changes in their well-being. Her combined mind-body focus and clinical experience in Hormone Health and Functional Medicine principles make Dr. Franiek a natural complement to Healix Health Medical team.

In 1988, Dr. Franiek received her BSc degree in Biological Psychology; the study of how hormones effect the body's physical and mental functioning. She attained her Medical Degree from the University of British Columbia in 1992 and went on to do a 2-year Family Practice residency through St. Paul's Hospital. Her special interest in psychology and the psychological factors that influence health and overall well-being continue to motivate Dr. Franiek to participate in educational programs to better understand the impact of the mind-body connection, specifically with respect to stress, and its influence on the health of her patients.