"The answer to feeling like you're never going to figure out what's wrong with you. The pills from your other doctor that only create more problems; you can say goodbye to them. The uncomfortable out of control symptoms can stop. You can feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. Feel in control of your life again and feel like your life is clear and that you are winning!"


"Wonderful doctor. Zeroed in on my issues and was more than supportive. Would recommend her highly."


"Fantastic Doctor. Highly recommended for midlife health issues for women. Very knowledgeable, practices from a strengths based-wellness perspective."


"DR Janet Franiek is the best doctor I have ever had. She is caring, thoughtful, concerned, knows science, knows how to communicate science and can make you laugh even when you feel at your very worst. I came to the clinic in complete disarray. I am back! My normal fierce, bold and HAPPY self!!! "


"I have been with Healix Health for years. Dr. Jessica Shintani is my Doctor and I am so grateful for her and the personalized care I receive. What resonates for me the most is the time Jessica is able to spend with me and her comprehensive and holistic approach. There is never a rushed visit. We discuss every aspect of my health including my emotional well being. I recently had a major issue with my reproductive health that occurred during the Covid crisis. Jessica was incredibly supportive with me and readily available with daily phone calls to discuss the best plan. She carefully explained all aspects of what I was dealing with. This included calls on a Saturday as it seems things always go wrong on weekends. She was the first person to check in with me after surgery. As I said to her recently, ‘ thank you for virtually holding my hand through this scary time’ I feel so well taken care of at Healix Health and I have sent many friends there."


"I am a retired MD and a specialist. I went to see Dr. Shintani because I have chronic issues that I could not resolve by my many regular physicians and specialists. I have multiple organ system involvement and multiple autoimmune problems. I was very frustrated. I realized that I have to find another way and I turned to integrative/functional medicine. I went to see Dr. Shintani for help and guidance less than a year ago. We had a chat on the phone first to see if this would be useful. I felt very comfortable with the short conversation. My initial consultation was over an hour long and all aspects of potential causative factors were discussed. I was never rushed. Over the last 9 months, I have been very happy with her help. She has sorted out a few issues, from leaky gut, thyroid and hormonal problems. We have touched on topics such as fasting, gluten and dairy free diets, heavy metal overload. I now feel I am back in the driver’s seat as opposed to being desperate, frustrated and unwell. Aside from getting me back on track, I also find the doctor patient relationship very gratifying. I am grateful and happy to find someone I can discuss what I know and have read, without the doctor getting defensive and impatient. I find that I can always bounce off ideas with her and feel totally at ease. I never feel that I have to prove myself or defend myself. That is not common when doctors have doctors as patients. I highly recommend her to look after any chronic illnesses that are not resolved with your regular physician and when you know something is wrong. She cares. It is worth the cost of doing this because your health is of utmost importance. Without your health, there is nothing."