Welcome to Healix Health Medical

The physicians at Healix Health evaluate each patient’s unique medical history, stressors, laboratory investigations, as well as their environmental and lifestyle factors. This allows them to decipher the complex web of interactions that can lead to illness. From there, they use a collaborative approach, utilizing their expertise in Functional Medicine principles and the latest science-based testing, to develop an individual treatment protocol for each patient.

Dr.’s Shintani and Franiek believe that people with chronic medical conditions often present with the culmination of months, if not years, of abnormal lab work and often disjointed symptoms. Rather than focusing on symptom management, their approach focuses on understanding the root cause of a patient’s condition. This approach aims to fundamentally change the disease process at its origin. It helps their patients gain an awareness of what went wrong and empowers them to make the necessary changes to start the healing process. The Healix doctors believe that patient empowerment through a deep understanding of their condition is essential for their clients to make genuine and enduring changes to their health.