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Meet our team:

Jessica Shintani (MD CCFP, IFM Candidate Practitioner, Clinical Assistant Professor - UBC)
Dr. Shintani brings an incredible wealth of medical and life experience with her to her medical practice here at Healix. She received her BSc in Biochemistry at UBC in 1980, with a focus in plant biochemistry and ethnobotany (the spiritual and medicinal use of plants.) Upon receiving her MD in 1984 from UBC, she completed a 2 year Residency in Family Medicine at Queen's University. Returning to BC, Dr. Shintani practiced family medicine in Vancouver for 20 years between 1986 - 2006. During this time, she became increasingly convinced of the pivotal role of the Mind-Body connection and Lifestyle factors in health optimization, rather than simply relying on medications and surgery for curing disease. Looking for further opportunities to incorporate these preventative approaches, she practiced for close to 10 years at the Westcoast Women's Clinic for Hormone Health, the premier clinic for menopause medicine where she was trained in and developed expertise in Bio-identical Hormones and Gut Health. It was a rewarding experience and inspired her to expand her scope of practice, culminating in a move to Healix Health in 2016. At Healix, Dr. Shintani applies her expertise in Bio-Identical Hormones and digestive health and in addition, offers individualized care exploring the root causes of illness, incorporating a personalized, pro-active approach to disease prevention. She is excited to join her longtime colleague of 20 years, Dr. Franiek with whom she first worked with at their family practice, then at the Westcoast Women's Clinic, and now at Healix Health. Outside of her medical practice, Dr. Shintani enjoys spending time with her family and friends above all, and places priority on finding balance in her life. She is an avid road cyclist, cross-country skiier, gardener, singer, and professional harpist. She values quiet reflection and meditation. As well, she is a mentor and Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at UBC, where she is actively engaged in teaching the next generation of physicians.