Janet Franiek
(MD, CCFP, Functional Medicine Practitioner)

Dr. Franiek believes that our current health-care approach is overdue for a thorough transformation, believing in a "health optimization" model of medicine over a "disease treatment" one. In 1988, Dr. Franiek received her Bachelors of Science degree in Biological Psychology; the study of how hormones effect the body's physical functioning. She attained her Medical Degree from the University of British Columbia in 1992 and went on to do a 2-year Family Practice residency through St. Paul's Hospital. Her special interest in psychology and the psychological factors that influence health and overall well-being continue to motivate Dr. Franiek to participate in educational programs to better understand the impact of the mind-body connection, specifically with respect to stress, and its influence on the health of her patients. In 2006, Dr. Franiek joined the Westcoast Women's Clinic, one of Canada's first physician-based clinics to be fully dedicated to hormone health. There, Dr. Franiek received training in Advanced Bio-identical Hormone treatment as well as helped develop the clinic's "gut health" program. While at Westcoast Women's Clinic, Dr. Franiek became convinced that modern scientific assessment is a valuable tool in health medicine. She is passionate about identifying the connection between life-style factors and health. Dr. Franiek believes that it is through education and empowerment of her clients that they achieve lasting changes in their well-being. Her combined mind-body focus and clinical experience made Dr. Franiek a natural complement to Healix Health as she joins the physician practice in 2015.